Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mending my ways

It's a tradition around here that the Christmas break is used to catch up on things left undone for far too long.

And today was no exception, with the theme being clearing my workbench downstairs (again) so I can actually use it (again). 

The things I like most about this time of the year is the lack of feeling that there isn't enough time. Which meant I spent a satisfying half hour unpicking the edging off one new
and one op-shopped bamboo runner
 so I can actually use them in scenes.

Fifteen minutes dismantling various Typo finds for the parts, followed by ten minutes making minor repairs to miniature furniture.
And then I pulled out this box lid of bits needing major repairs or reupholstering, some of which have been here for an embarrassingly long time.
 After sorting them out into some semblance of order I decided a break was necessary before tackling them
(and besides, all my clamps are being used in other, full-sized, repairs I also got around to doing today).

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Mad For Mod said...

I think we all have a box like that. Mine seems to be growing.