Monday, December 16, 2013

The seaside shack

Continuing on from yesterday's post, I've printed out some grey tiles from the internet as a test to cover the original ones on the sideboard. I think they look so much better, don't you?
And I pulled out my new A3 laminator for the first time and laminated the lino paper.

I also tested a couple of bits from my stash of broken Typo biscuit and tea boxes, and decided the biscuit box is definitely a no as it suddenly makes the chairs look like they don't belong:
 But the tea box is a possible
(depending on what else ends up on this wall and in the room. Of course, there is also the possibility the biscuit box lid will stay and the chairs will be swapped out).

The other side of the scene has been extended, mainly because I've been dying to use the vintage Lundby Stockholm windows I picked up off eBay, which I thought would work with this scene.

And I've swapped the day bed seat with the one from my sleigh bed, just to test the colour:
(I'm also testing the distressed wood scrapbooking paper I picked up during my Eckesley's trip last week, which I think works well on the floor...)

Yep, I'm still happy to keep working on this idea, but suspect I'll get a bit frustrated as I realise the dearth of seaside-related accessories I have in stash to finish the scene with...

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