Sunday, December 08, 2013

Gathering Kaimoana*

I returned home from New Zealand earlier in the month with a stash of cards and ephemera I'd picked up at various museums, galleries and gift shops.

This scene uses one of them: a Alan Wehipeihana card ('Gathering Kaimoana')  I bought from the gift shop at Pataka Art + Museum in Porirua.

The first step in creating this scene was the discovery that the colour of my vintage Bodo Hennig modular sofa worked rather well with the card.

Since I still had my Lofty aspirations scene set up from last week, I used the same space but turned the floorboards around to run the other way and replaced the wall coverings with some watercolour paper from my stash.

The rug is an image from a pamphlet for Wellington Museums, scanned and printed onto fuzzy paper I bought in 2012. The cushions are from a cheap bed I recently bought from my local dolls house shop and the side table is from July's vintage German eBay purchase.

I'm sure you know where the light shade came from,

The accessories on the side table reference the New Zealand theme of the card, with another 'Crown Lynn' swan, a cloche displaying.. moss? seaweed?, and a sea urchin picked up at Trash and Treasure. And, I now realise, the clock is also vintage Bodo Hennig,

Hmmm... this corner is starting to feel all very Douglas Lloyd Jenkins. Rather apt, really.

(*Maori for sea food or shellfish)