Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A few additions

At the end of January I met a friend in town for a coffee. We went to a new place called Coffee Lab, where I snapped this picture for future mini inspiration:
Interior of Coffee Lab cafe, with walls lined with pallets.
(Mainly because I still hadn't worked out what I was going to do with the pallet coasters I'd picked up from Typo back in November and thought this would be interesting to try).

Yesterday I pulled the pallets out, used a handy ruler as a stand-in for a coffee counter and added some industrial-looking plastic pieces I'd picked up on my last trip to Daiso (I think they're supposed to go in a pot-plant pot to stop things falling out the bottom).
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe stools in front of a counter made from a ruler and miniature pallets.
The table I made in June last year seems to be the perfect fit, as does the round black Kinetic Patterns tealight holder I bought at Handmade Market last year (I'm not sure it's printed by Shapeways, but the designer is certainly on there).
Modern dolls' house miniature scene of a cafe, in unfinished state.
 Now I have to decide what colour(s) to paint the chairs and stools...
Modern dolls' house miniature scene of a cafe, in unfinished state.


Phyllis said...

Love where you are going with this! The pallet wall brought back lots of memories for me as I worked in a sawmill when I was 15 and I made pallet and crate sides. I was paid by the piece - $0.50 for a pallet and $0.35 for a crate side! Now they are designer materials!

otterine said...

Niiiice! I'm popping in for some treats when you open for business!

Pepper Mitcheson said...

The pallet wall is fab. I really like the idea of an open wall like that and of course, natural wood just ticks all the boxes for me =0)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Gargh! That reminds me that I still have a mini shipping box tucked away somewhere that I was supposed to be posting to you. Tomorrow! I'll find it tomorrow!

Mad For Mod said...

I love the industrial look of this!

Penelope said...

Love the pallet walls and the table and the whole industrial look!