Friday, March 06, 2015

Oh *&*!, is it Friday again?

(Although, on the bright side, that does mean I don't have to be at work again for three whole wonderful days.It's been quite the week...)

I dug out most of my kits last weekend. I won't share the photo as it's a bit scary (not as scary as Otterine's, I hear)
Trevor Dickinson Canberra bus shelter mug with miniature tea bag box kit sticking out of it.
Tempting as it was to start with the largest, I figured it would be more fun to play a game by choosing this week's #FinishitoffFriday kit by theme.

And since I recently bought this most excellent Trevor Dickinson Canberra bus shelter mug, I thought Adelaide's 'TBAG box' kit might be the way to go...

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Pepper Mitcheson said...

Ahh a nice cuppa. Enjoy Canberra Day =0)