Friday, March 20, 2015

An attempt to justify breakfast out as 'research' (and make you not notice the lack of noticeable progress on my build)

I met friends at Ona cafe in Manuka for breakfast this morning, and took some reference photos for my own cafe build:
Black cafe table and chairs at Ona cafe, with red pepper grinder and green sugar bowl. The chair seat covers are made from coffee sacks.
(I like the pops of colour with the accessories, and the chair pad made from an old coffee sack)
Front of Ona cafe.
Ceiling of the awning of Ona cafe, painted black with potted ferns hanging from it.
(Black ceiling with hanging plants.)
Inside ceiling of Ona cafe, showing rough brick wall, black ceiling with trusses and a suspended ceiling with a pot plant on it.
(Distressed brick at the top of the wall, suspended ceiling with pot plants. And roof trusses.)

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Mad For Mod said...

A great reference and inspiration....and fun with friends!