Friday, March 13, 2015

Finish it off Friday (with a fortnight to go)

No fun around here this week, as I realise that my first show of the year is just two weeks away and so it's time to get cracking on finishing up some stock for it.
Rows of modern dolls' house miniature knitted pouffes, stuffed and awaiting sewing the tops.
I have piles of pouffes (which you might recognise from last year's version of this post, and which I realise I blogged about back in December 2013. At least the're almost ready to go: just eighteen months late).
Rows of garter-stitch knitted rectangles in earth colours with shots of gold, and in bright white and neon yellow.
Rows of rectangles (in this wool and some neon colours I picked up from Typo and which are rather the in thing at the moment, I read).
Stack of modern dolls' house miniature fluffy rugs in white, grey, black and fawn.
And a rather a lot of rugs to sew ends into.

I'm planning a very quiet weekend, so hope to have lots of finished product to show you by the end of it!


Mad For Mod said...

Looking good! I just love those fluffy rugs!

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Neon is the new black =0D