Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 theme word number three: frugal

Time for your input, peoples! How frugal do you think I've been this year?

Follow this link to cast your vote! (Fingers crossed that this works)Speaking of frugal, I made this up for The Lovely L after our adventures earlier in the month:

The Frugaller’s Emergency Kit


01. Bubble wrap (for wrapping precious finds)
02. Scissors (to cut bubble wrap, and other things)
03. Packing tape (for holding the bubble wrap or other things together)
04. Ziplock bag (so lose little things don’t go walkies all over the car)
05. Tape measure (for measuring, of course!)
06. Torch (for peering into those dark corners)
07. Notebook (to write down measurements, reminders, draw pictures, leave
your details with kind ladies in op shops)
08. Pen (see above)
09. Baby wipes (to get rid of that icky dusty feeling from your hands)
10. CD (to play at full volume in the car en route to interstate op shops)

And now I must away and pack. Again.

(Listening to: Alphaville, Prostitute)

1 comment :

Martha said...

Oooh, I got first vote.

I've been the exact opposite of frugal. What is that? Spendy?