Monday, December 04, 2006

Going potty...

Remember I mentioned cupcakes? Well I never imagined it'd be quite so big. Or, after having originally been knitted as a gift, deciding it would really rather stay right here with me.

I'm not sure about the pom pom on the top. I perched it there for the photo. I either have to go buy a bag of the bigger ones (damn! That would entail another trip to Hot Dollar...), make one, or remove it altogether. I mean cupcakes are supposed to have delicate icing sugar flowers balanced on top not red pretend cherries. Right?!

The nitty gritty: knitted using frugalled Patons crafty (yes, I succumbed to Acrylic this once) and the
children's cupcake hat pattern from chile con yarne with a few changes. The split for the handle and spout being the most noticeable, but I also replace the nubbles with an idea I'd picked up from this pattern for using an increase row to mimic the overflow of icing.

Still not sure about the top though. Far too puffy for my liking. Maybe I need to attack it with the steam iron?

(Listening to: New Order,
Get Ready)


Taphophile said...

Just the cutest thing, TSS. Agree that the pom pom is a bit naff. What about a scattering of seed beads for hundreds and thousands on that icing?

Mondo Viagiatore said...

Love the scooter girl thing!!!

pinktrees said...

very cute! did you create the cozy without a cozy pattern? you just used the hat pattern right?

the header looks good!

Sis said...

Love it! So whens the tea party? :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

OK - more explanation:

1. Cast on as per hat pattern and work for 1 inch.
2. Work 40 stitches onto a straight needle, turn, leaving other 40 stitches on circular needles for now (or stitch holder) and work on straight needle until work measures five inches.
3. IN THE MEANTIME work cake part for three inches (not 2 as in pattern)ending on purl row.
4. With frosting colour, knit one row.
5. On purl row, k increase into every stitch. (80 stitches)
6. Knit one row.
7. Purl 2 together along whole row. (40 stitches)
8. Continue stst in frosting colour until work measures 5 inches.
9. Rejoin wool to other set of 40 stitches. Work from instruction 2 to instruction 8.
10. Return to the circular needle and knit right round both lots of stitches. Continue with hat pattern from instruction "K until entire piece measures 5 1/2 inches"
11. Voila!

Anonymous said...

so glad that i could claim the cupcake - princess b that brown tea pot would come in handy