Friday, December 08, 2006

Want to own a little bit of history?

Was forwarded this email from the (soon to be closed) Electric Shadows Cinema this week. Since I have no need (or space) for red or aqua seats I thought I'd let any other Canberrans out there know in case they were looking for a (ahem) last minute Christmas gift for the person who has everything:


If anyone would like seats, they will be available for $20 each (including cushions): you just need to let us know ASAP and then come and collect them from the cinema on Saturday morning 16 December. Other collection times are available by appointment only.

To stake your claim contact Craig McConnell at the Ronin office on 6248 0851, or email Craig at:

Be warned, however, the seats do not stand on their own: they are bolted onto a single upright pedestal that is embedded in the concrete floor of the cinema. We are not removing the pedestal, so you will need to make your own arrangements to mount the seats in some way to make them useable: a good challenge for the handyman or woman.



If you are interested in souveniring the cushions but don't want to buy a whole seat, we are happy to sell the vinyl seat cushions separately at $5 each. Again, place your order with Craig McConnell (details above). You will need to collect them on Saturday morning, 16 December.

Being vinyl covered, the cushions could be very useful for picnics, the garden or other outdoor use!"

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Mondo Viagiatore said...

I am sure someone wants these Canberra icons!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise they were closing the electric shadows cinemas. I was a teenager in Canberra in the 80s and have many fond memories of going to the electric shadows cinemas either the bright red one or aqua one.

Damn, I also heard that the Griffin Centre is gone as well. One of my first boyfriends used to play in an orchestra that rehearsed in the Griffin Centre and I spent many hours on a Sat arvo waiting for him to finish so we could have coffee Guses (is that how you spell it). I went to Narrabundah College, so Guses was our second home. For those of you who don't know Narrabundah was the home of the alternative kids (goths and rockers, etc) back in the 80s, and Guses was our chosen hangout in the city.

I also remember the Centre Cinema, which is also gone now I think. I saw Crocodile Dundee in that cinema with another boyfriend. And the Civic Twin cinema was just around the corner, and then they made it the three cinemas.

The memories are indeed sweet.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Centre cinema has been turned into Academy - a night club with a cocktail bar called Candybar which is (oddly enough) where the Candy Bar used to be. Happy to go take photos if you want!

Griffith Centre has indeed been pulled down and relocated across the road (good op shop in there). There's an office building going up there which I believe will hold ATO staff.

Gus's is still there and going strong. So is Cafe Essen and across the walkway is now another cafe called Milk and Honey.