Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An unwanted visitor

The Migraine Monster paid a somewhat unexpected visit yesterday which meant I spent the day in bed.

Which isn't as fun as it sounds (no matter how lovely your bed is) when your brain is trying to explode and your stomach can't decide if it's feeling like a
boiling mud pool because it wants to hurl or because it wants to eat something for the first time in more hours than you care to count (and the thought of making it downstairs and finding food is just too too difficult to contemplate)

I much prefer the sort of sick day in bed where you watch a little crap TV, catch up on your magazine reading and are actually well enough to sort of enjoy the experience in a somewhat guilty fashion even though you're too sick to work.

Anyhow, today I had that typical post-migraine day of feeling like your brain has been scrubbed out with a wire brush and a can of
Ajax. And I made the fatal mistake of having two lattes on top of not very much food over the last 48 hours which lead to total braindead hyperactivity all round. Just great, especially when I have a pile of things to catch up on.

So where was I? Ah yes, making a belated thank you to
Pink Trees who sent me my lovely new header, and Rooruu who mentioned me again on Whip up causing a mini stampede on my stats counter (along with a link from the Bedford van message board - cheers, chaps!)

No crafting to report, I'm afraid but I have achieved something in the last 48 hours:I dug up a list of Vinnies shops in New Zealand. Now if I can just surreptitiously sprinkle a few through the plans we have for our Christmas road trip...

(Listening to: Massive Attack,
Blue lines)

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Taphophile said...

Bugger - migraines are the absolute pits. Hope you're less wobbly today.

Ever so proud of your pre-trip research. I do the same thing. Glad it's not just me.