Monday, December 11, 2006

I have a flat inspection tomorrow

And the place looks like an explosion happened in a craft shop.At least it's fairly clean under the mess, so hopefully they Real Estate Agent won't notice the layer of stuff spread from one end of the house...
to the other...
(Oh yes, doesn't my Brio house make a great project -in-progress holder?)
I suppose it's my own fault for deciding to embrace the whole Christmas thing this year.

So my excuses are:

1. It's too hot to race round cleaning and mowing the lawns. I'd give myself heat stress. And asthma with all the haze from the Victorian fires.
2. I have deadlines piling on top of deadlines and am away four days this week then away again from next Thursday. Tidying up isn't a pressing deadline right now especially as if I get a bad report they'll just tell me to fix whatever it is and reinspect. IN THE NEW YEAR which is a much more sensible time to do a flat inspection anyway (I mean what sort of utter sadist thought doing flat inspections mid December was a jolly good idea?)
3. I'd rather be crafting anyway. Maybe the inspector will be a fellow crafter and get so tied up talking about craft that she'll forget to notice the mess?

Keep watching this space. There's probably be a 1 hour frenzy tomorrow morning resulting in a house that looks quite, quite normal.

(Listening to Salmonella Dub, One drop east)


shanan said...

oh my! are you having to move??

at the old apartment the landlady came in to see about a hole in the ceiling and she saw all my craft supplies and sewing machines. she said in a rather smug way "oh, how quaint; you sew". she says this to me in her 3 inch heels and gucci sunglasses. i wanted to smack her!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

No, not moving thank goodness!

Here we have flat inspections every 6 months. Drives me nuts especially as they don't seem to take any notice of things that need to be fixed.