Friday, December 22, 2006

The upgrade fairy went awol

It was a pleasant enough trip across the ditch once I'd got over the disappointment of not having a visit from the upgrade fairy. But at least I got a bulkhead seat (just behind Business Class so I stare wistfully through the curtain), a cute bald man to sit next to and I got to see Boytown which I have to buy a copy of to add to my collection of very silly pisstake movies about boy bands (OK, it's not really a collection as I only have one other movie - Get ready to be Boyzvoiced)

Lovely (cold-ridden) Raven Haired Sis picked me up from the airport and drove me straight to a 24 hour supermarket (she knows me well) where I oohhed and aahhed, and bought far too much junk food for the trip.

And now it's morning. I'm still waiting for my brain to realise I'm here. Once it arrives we'll be into the car and off to pick up Travelling Matt before heading off to Mount Maunganui.

There are currently intense discussions going on as to if we can justify swinging past Thames on the way - Raven Haired Sis wants to visit a Buddhist shop there which apparently also happens to sell second hand stuff and she reliably informs me that there is a large and excellent Salvos nearby. Decisions decisions...

(Listening to: bFM)


Sew-Thrifty! said...

Wheeee! Have fun! Will email you on Christmas Day whilst slaving over hot oven....!
Cheers and Happy Frugaling!

sarah said...

have lots of fun