Thursday, December 07, 2006

One of my few Christmas traditions

is to buy myself something nice for Christmas. I do the same for birthdays. This pretty much means what ever else happens I'm guaranteed to get one thing I really really like!

Today I picked up this year's present to myself, which I've had on layby out at The Canberra Antique Centre for a few weeks since I spotted it while wandering past in search of cream plastic number 10 needles: a vintage Sylko thread display box.

I felt it was a fitting gift to end a year where I rediscovered crafting. A year where I bought my first knitting needles in over a decade, started using my sewing machine again after about as long and just generally started being creative. Which was actually one of my theme words for this year.

Back on New Years Eve 2005 I chose four words which I felt encapsulated what I wanted this year to be all about for me. Creative was the first one and I think I can safely give myself a big A+ grade there.

There are three more theme words which I'll share with you as the time feels right between now and the end of the year. I might even get your input on grading how I did!

(Listening to: Moby,18)

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pinar said...

It is a good thing to keep a promess you give to yourself..
well we usually don't give much importance to ourselves.. but you did .. Enjoy 2007 ..even more than 2006..
have fun.. create ..for youself..
and please eep posting for us..