Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skirting the issue to cushion the blow...

Well another day passed in a blur of frenzied activity, starting with an early morning trip to Officeworks to buy bubblewrap (I know, scandalous having to buy the stuff but with the pre-Christmas eBay rush I've used up every skerrick of recycled), to Scablight to pick up much needed crafting supplies and, while I was in Queanbeyan, to Target to clear them out of Crayola fabric markers (at 20% off, worth buying backup supplies!)

Plus a wee side trip to the now-open-on-Sundays Queanbeyan Vinnies. As if I didn't get enough op shopping yesterday...

Back home for a frenzy of packing, of both the parcel kind and this kind:followed by a a trip to the (thankfully open on Sunday) Lyneham Post Office and then next door to Tilleys for coffee with S.

Home again via V, M and E's for a long-overdue catch up and then dinner followed by the creation of this: Oh, baby, I'm on a roll! I took the $2.50 frugalled skirt from yesterday plus 2 frugalled buttons (20 cents each) and whipped up the cover.The inner is made from a piece 10 year old cotton sheet which I threw in the crafting pile when it grew a hole in the middle and the stuffing from one of the spare bed pillows which now lives under the stairs. As I no longer have a spare bed, I figure I can safely cannibalise two of the four pillows under there and still have enough for passing guests!

(Listening to: The Style Council, Our favourite shop)

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shanna said...

the pillow turned out cute!