Monday, May 07, 2007

Is this cheating?

Day 5 of my Use what you have month and I bought wool.Very small wool!I also picked up some lovely vintage miniature goodies from one of my favorite sellers:(after I actually found her!) The show moved from Bankstown to Olympic Park last year while I was away and I used to know exactly where the stalls I wanted to visit first were and make a beeline for them as I entered the hall.

This year I had to wander round looking lost for the first half hour before getting my bearings....
(Listening to: Jamiroquai, Emergency on planet earth)


Taphophile said...

*scratches chin thoughtfully* It is only bad if you intend knitting with it - otherwise it's decoration.

rooruu said...

Sorry I missed you at the show - I see we both enjoyed the Parisian street. And I can imagine you'll construct a fascinating room around that radiogram...

Carson said...

Check the furniture!
Do you know what scale it is? Or is it "doll house scale" which is sort of no scale. the stereo.
About the chairs I'm making, if I have a spare left over once I'm finished, it may be able to make its' way to Canberra, you never know.
Have a nice trip to Melb.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Carson

All the stuff in the photo is 3/4 inch scale or 1/16th (ie: 1 foot real life equals 3/4 inch dolls house), Except the wool and the pepper mill which are 1 inch scale or 1/12th (1 inch equals a foot).

Which sort of covers the two most common dolls house scales. (For more info on scales check here:

Lecture over :-)