Thursday, August 14, 2008

Because sometimes having a shopping list just doesn't work...

Bonus day. I made a quick trip into town at lunchtime. I had it all worked out, with a list of everything I wanted to buy today:
So why did I return home having bought a new bed? Perhaps it's just that time of the year - I pulled out the receipt for my old bed to destroy it and noticed this:
Weird. Obviously mid August is the time to buy half price floor stock Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel Pillowtops in the land of TSS.

(Oh yes, I did manage to buy the jeans at least before I was so badly distracted:
and celebrated by pulling my last pair of new Converse One Stars out of the top cupboard to wear with them. New and shiny legs at the bottom, grotty old sneakers at the top.


Cola Cerbz said...

lol! yeh you did go slightly out of the list, but ah well, new bed is good :) haha must be.

Julie said...

In a way, you did get your new pillow. I guess it was just a bit bigger than you had in mind! Glad to see someone else has days like that.