Friday, August 29, 2008

Feeling sick now

Friday night. Plans for drinks with colleagues have fallen through and as my cubicle mate described how he planned to spend his evening ("wine, pizza and Steven Segal movie, probably in bed") my thoughts turn in a similar direction (sans Steven Segal)

And when my mind turns to pizza there's only one place to go:
Turk Oz for a small takeaway Super Sebzeli (vegetarian) pide.

I trot happily home from Turk Oz, crawl into my PJs, open the box and start stuffing my face eating.

And, as I hit the first slice in the second half I have a very rude awakening. Because, suddenly, this doesn't taste like a Super Sebzeli. It tastes... awful. There's brown minced up stuff in it. It slowly dawns on me: somehow they've made half my pide with MEAT.

I run to the toilet to spit it out. But it's too late. I ate meat. For the first time in... ummmm... 15 years? I feel sick. The house smells funny.

I can't go back over to sort it out because once the PJs are on they stay on. In their defence (Turk Oz's, not my PJs'), when I call and ask to speak to the Manager (and after being passed on to someone with much giggling and "They want to speak to the MANAGER!" comments in the background) whoever it is does apologise, say the order must have got mixed up and offers me a free large pide next time I come in.

But that doesn't really help the fact I feel sick. And ate MEAT!

Oh well, the Pollyanna in me says it's a test of faith. I could have eaten it and said "Oh yummy! This is delish, must have more! Thank goodness there was a mixup in my order so I could realise I'm no longer a non-meat eater." But no it was definitely a "What the hell is this disgusting stuff and where's my pide?" reaction.


Unknown said...

Eugh! You poor thing. I can't imagine how I would deal with that - especially since the ground up brown stuff isn't even tasty meat!

I have to admit that from time to time I miss things like turkish sausage (veg for 8 years now), but the brown gravel is vile.

I hope your Friday night picks up :)

Heather said...

Not a veg but sending out sympathy vibes anyway. The only real good thing is that it was a valid test of faith, however unintentional.

Anonymous said...

I've been veg for about 6 years now, and I can completely sympathise with accidentally eating meat.

It's unfortunately happened a couple of times to me, and the moment you realise you're eating meat is just horrible.

I hope your Friday night got better!

Anonymous said...

My poor old Mum, who had been vegetarian for the best part of 30 years, was told to start eating meat again after a stomach operation two years ago. She valiantly gave it a try - the first thing meaty she was given in hospital was that disgusting wet, slimy packet ham, total yuk (and I eat meat). Since then she eats meat about twice a week - only organic, and really only on doctors orders!