Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I discovered, on closer investigation, that the Target Converse One Stars are canvas, not suede. I should have suspected something was up with prices that cheap. But all is not lost, I still have the option of heading over to and creating my very own custom-designed-but-identical-to-yer-standard-One-Star-shoes with a friend's US credit card (since Converse won't accept credit cards from outside of the USA). Yeah, it's on my list but all so complicated (use friend's card, bounce through V Post, pay postage twice) that just thinking of it gives me a headache.

Continuing the disappointment: the daisy hoodie, which I'd hoped would be finished for my trip to Sydney this weekend, won't be. For two reasons:
1. I have to leave 1 and a half days earlier than planned for a last minute work meeting.
2. Last Saturday morning I admitted that the hood cast on was too tight and no, I couldn't just live with it so it was frogged and I spent most of Saturday re knitting the hood rather than finishing the jacket. Oh well, it'll probably be too hot to wear it in Sydney anyway... (she says stoically).

Catching up on my magazine reading last night I discovered this on the last page of Spring 2008's
Modernism magazine:With quotes from Mini Modern. How exciting! You can read the full piece here but you'll need to create a free log in: well worth it as you get to read the rest of that issue of Modernism plus the next one (and, possibly, future issues) absolutely free. How good is that??

Speaking of
Mini Modern, she recently had a link to an Apartment Therapy tour of this excellent dolls house:

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