Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Monday

Yesterday was a good day. A good day indeed.

First thing in the morning I got an email from
Jesse saying I'd won her giveaway for a copy of her book, I don't like chocolate. I'm so happy, as I loved seeing some of the comic strips she published on her blog as she created them and it'll be great seeing the final product!

Then, in the afternoon, a liitle something (in a large box) arrived from my Lundby distributor. Behold the first Lundby
Gotland cottage in Australia. And it's sitting onmy deskright now. Mwahahahaha!

And, finally, in the weird twist of fate category, I was pulling the packing out of the carton my Caroline's Home house came in last week and sorting it into recycling and rubbish when I noticed that the papers had dollar amounts printed on them. Which was odd since the parcel had come from England. At first I thought that maybe they had been added as extra packing with Australian Quarantine opened the box but then I realised I was staring at American junk mail. From England.

And one of those pages had a Target logo on it, and as I'm a sucker for Target, I unscrunched it to have a closer look. And I saw this:OMG! When did Target US start stocking Converse One Stars?! Why didn't anyone tell me?!!!
I have to get my grubby little hands on a supply (especially as I fit the largest $19.99 kids style size thus saving $10 off the adult price).

Of course, neither Target.com nor Amazon will ship them out of the USA. Is it time to finally try

(It's kind of tempting to use the news as a justification for a trip to the US with an empty suitcase. I can see it now: "Anything to declare, M'am?" "Just 25 pairs of kids' Converse One Stars...")

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Modern MC said...

Aww man! How do you rate getting the Gotland?? ha ha--Where are more pictures, lady? Yes, yes, I am indeed jealous. :)