Saturday, August 30, 2008

Second Hand Saturday

A few days ago I was on the phone with Taph and happened to mention that I'd noticed Poirot was on TV on Friday night and how I was thinking of watching as I used to really enjoy it years ago when I saw it (probably more for the interior design and architecture than anything!) I also mentioned I was considering checking out some Miss Marples as I'd just read that she knitted.

"Odd you should say that" replied Taph. She just happened to have a pile of Miss Marples she was about to release on Bookcrossing and promised to bring them round when she picked me up this morning before the YMCA Garage Sale.Also in the bag was a lovely vintage tin, full of treasure:I really don't understand how she could bear to part with it but am very glad she did!

Speaking of treasure, I found a bit of it at the garage sale. This little pile came to $5 in total: I'm not sure which is my favorite: the giant reel of cotton? The vintage dolls house rug? The black and white row counter? (a bit hard to see at the top there) Or the black and white daisy ribbon?

Back outside, I picked up 4 black rubber place mats and matching coasters for $2 (the lot):and a pile of books for me and for friends for $8 total.How wonderful are these illustrations from Nothing at all rhymes?(Yep, that is a purple bagpipe holding while violin playing dancing cat you see before you...)
And Taph pointed out that this picture from a Lucie Attwell annual would make a perfect Seven Things button:

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