Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School night? Midnight!

I can't blame Taph as I was very happy to hear from her that Helvetica was on SBS last night at 10:05pm. I'd been scanning the movie listings in Panorama for months (and occasionally the DVD listings on eBay) wondering if somehow I'd missed its release. Taph knows my (lack of) mainstream media habits so made sure I heard it was going to be on.

I can't blame J&M, who gave me my beautiful "new" TV which, even without the digital set top box set up, has a much better picture than my old TV.

Can I blame the TV which, even though when it was delivered quite happily managed to speak to my very ancient video player, last night decided it didn't exist?

Rats! Any thoughts I had of taping the documentary and going to bed at a normal time flew out the window.

But, as I was trying to understand the manual, I noticed the start of
a rather interesting looking programme. Which I settled in to watch while I ate dinner.

Then I watched Helvetica.

And, just as I was heading to the TV to turn it off, some rather intriguing programme titles came up. Which turned into a fabulous programme called Great Expectations: A Journey Through the History of Visionary Architecture. I stood prevaricating in front of the heater for at least the first five minutes before settling back onto the sofa with a sigh of contented bliss:

And finally made it to bed at midnight. Evil TV. Evil SBS. Happy (but tired) me.


Taphophile said...

Thank heaven I'm not to blame. I watched Helvetica and want to strangle some of the poseurs with a loopy type-face.

joyflea said...

Ah yes. I too was drawn in by the Tuesday night programming on SBS. I wrote about it to, over here.