Thursday, August 28, 2008

On my desk(s)

Today I looked to my left and I saw this:which pretty much encapsulates my week.

Dolls' House book for research purposes? Check.

Random piece of dolls' house furniture? Check.

Slightly ratty discarded wristwarmer not needed as we're having have False Spring at the moment? Check.

CIT Design brochure in readiness for the Open Day this weekend? Check.

Cafe Del Mar CD to remind me what I have and what I need to find? Check.

And, more excitingly, across the room on the worktable:

New woven TSS labels so I no longer have to wrestle with twill tape and the printer? CHECK!

I'm feeling like my ducks are not only in a row, they're giving me a tap dancing recital in full costume...

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