Saturday, August 02, 2008

On being a grown up

If you'd been lurking outside my cubicle at work yesterday you might have overheard this discussion...

Me: "Is it home time yet? My new dolls house arrived this morning and is sitting, unopened, in the hallway waiting for me to get home. I can't wait to get home and have a play!"

My cubicle mate: "My Housemate is picking up my new Play Station 3 game from the Post Office today and once I get home I plan to spend all evening playing it. "

Me: "Isn't it great to be a grown up? We get to do whatever we want on Friday nights..."

My cubicle mate: "Yeah! And the best thing? We can get drunk while we play if we want to!"

So, as my cubicle mate (and, no doubt, his Housemate) got drunk and played PS 3 I played with my new dolls house while supping wine.
And had a round of Lundby lucky dip with a box of childhood Lundby furniture gifted to me by my distributor, which arrived yesterday as well.

I like being a grown up...


Cola Cerbz said...

haha thats cool. Nice blog :) that a cat scratch I see? Haha oh dear

karrie said...

Don't forget the eating only ice for dinner if you want... It's one of my favorite grown-up activities.