Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday food and farewells

So I'm learning that in this office, Friday means farewells. And cake... Or, to be more precise, cakeS. The anthropologically inclined part of my brain is still trying to figure out if the number of cakes at your farewell equates to your status within the office. But it keeps being sidetracked by the by products of huge hits of sugar (well that's an interesting concept. Let me consid....WAHHHHEYYYYY! WHAT IS THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Ok Ok. What was it we were discussing?)None the less, it would appear that part of the whole "working in an office" malarkey involves large amounts of sitting round and eating cake...

(No wonder I'm having to donate half my wardrobe to the op shop!)

But, if that wasn't enough, lunchtime today involved a trip to The Chocolate Olive Cafe. Ideally positioned on the same street as two op shops, a sewing shop (which seams (...sorry, seems) to have suddenly changed from a Bernina outlet to a Brother outlet) and (I've heard but not seen) a knitting shop.I realised I've mentioned it before but had been there without my camera...How's this for $5?!

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