Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some more Sunday numbers for you:

7: the number of people I caught up with in Melbourne this weekend

57: the number of emails I have to wade through after a weekend cold turkey on the computer front

192: the number of photos I've just downloaded from my camera

1: the number of weird coincediences that happened this weekend

120.90: the number of dollars I saved on just three books I saw in the NGV bookshop that I bought 2 days earlier at the Lifeline Bookfair. (And with one of those, I'm comparing (my) hardback with (their) softcover... Mwahahahaha! )

100: the number of dollars I took out of the money machine unexpectedly in order to stay within my aim of not using my credit card this weekend

1 comment :

Cola Cerbz said...

haha cool. Yeh the taking money out is a good idea :)