Thursday, September 04, 2008

Plans and plots and presents (lots!)

It's been a busy couple of days around Chateau TSS.

Saintly S (rescuer of lost and stressed daisy cars and their drivers) and I have been vaguely muttering about a trip to Melbourne to see the NGV Art Deco exhibition in late September to coincide with J&M's plans to be down there. Then, on Tuesday, I got a call from Miggs saying she was going to be across the ditch in Melbourne at the end of the month if there was any chance I could make it down?

So last night Saintly S and I finally got together and did the (cheap as chips) booking thang. Hurrah!

Saintly S wants to visit her old holiday stomping ground. Which she tells me she only recently realised is just round the corner from Heide, the Charleston of Australia. Which neither of us have been to. I think it'll be a case of "Saturday, where art though?" that weekend...

More plotting yesterday as I drafted a rough itinerary for the visit of The Parental Units to Canberra next month (which, it seems, may have magically turned into the final version once it arrived in Nuw Zuld)

Today I had a visit from Diva who gave me a lovely selection of furniture I don't have for my Tomy house (due to be packed up next week) and a couple of wall lamps for my old Stockholm: Diva has the most incredible looking Art Deco B&B in the Southern Highlands:I'm hoping to go visit her (and her incredible dolls house collection. And the (allegedly) huge local Salvos) in November... Don't worry, I'll have the camera with me!

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MildlyCrafty said...

Heide is a fabulous place to visit. I went last summer and immediately wanted to build a house just like it :)