Monday, September 01, 2008

September, and the return of Seven Things

So that was August.

* At ANU Film Group: I missed
Brick Lane, Sex & the City (I was in Sydney), Be Kind Rewind (Bundanoon), It Happened One Night and Hard Candy (cancelled by ANUFG)

* I made it to
Miss Pettigrew lives for the day and In the Shadow of the Moon. My cost per view is now $4.00.

* I also didn't make it to see the film on the construction of the National Library, which was on the same day as Sex and the City and my trip to Sydney. Rats!

* To somewhat make up for these misses, I not only saw Philippe Genty's
Land's end at Canberra Theatre but also got a free ticket to see Much Ado About Nothing. And yesterday I went to the National Museum to see Utopia: The Genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

* In Sydney at the beginning of the month I managed to see the Harold Cazneaux: Artist in photography exhibition at The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Design, attend the excellent The Modern Times Symposium with m1k1, have a long overdue catch-up with Princess B (and her brilliant breakfast making skills), and be part of the first Krispin K tour of the year. All utterly fabulous...

* Ditto
the trip to Bundanoon the following weekend.

* Knitty retreat: it never happened. Life got in the way for us all.

* Reading-wise, I started 2 architecture books. I finished neither of them...

So as we spring into September:

* At ANU Film Group I hope to make it to
Happy go lucky, Get Smart, and Black Balloon.

* I have no Canberra Theatre subscription performances, but I have the urge to go see
Persepolis at a real cinema. On Tightarse Tuesday, of course!

* Reading wise (apart from finishing last month's books) I've decided my theme is Stars (of the famous variety not the "in the night sky" variety)

Parade of Houses will be finishing with entries from England (Caroline's Home and Triang) and America (Tomy and Kaleidoscope House) The exhibition is due to be mounted mid month but won't open until mid October.

* Other dates for the calendar:
Lifeline Bookfair, and a possible trip to Melbourne for the NGV Art Deco exhibition , although I did see the original version at the V & A in London...

Seven Things Spring/Summer starts again for the year. Is it terribly sad to admit I've been looking forward to this?

* And, finally, my theme words for the month: slow, sleep, sloth, stop spending, and maybe some silence.


Janet McKinney said...

I am ready to join you with this - jusr as well that YMCA garage sale was in August hey!

Janet McKinney

Anonymous said...

good to see breakfast received a mentioned! Princess B who is 35 days away from her birthday!


Anonymous said...

btw r u still looking for a wrapped in plastic Ikea catalogue - they don't seem to think it is junk mail and ignored my sign! B

Heidi said...

I just watched Miss Pettigrew last night and really enjoyed it! The plot was really fluffy but I loved the gorgeous costumes & decor.