Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Melbourne: so much culture I damned near curdled...

Friday, 9pm: Margaritas at Fiesta Saturday, 7am: View down the hall at Hotel Claremont (No Mrs Palfrey, but there was an unexpected Cousin Lynne for S with the Sensational Sleepwear)Saturday, sometime: S's Sensational Sleepwear which I wanted desperately to run out and buy my own pair of until I reminded myself I no longer buy Pjs as I can make them... Saturday, 8:30am: View of our Hotel as we headed off for a walk along Chapel Street. Saturday, 9:45 am: The Arts Centre, Melbourne and Seamless: where costume meets dance
Saturday, 10:15am: NGV and Art Deco 1910-1939 (no photos allowed)

Saturday, 11:30am: NGV and Remaking Fashion
Saturday 1:15pm: Heide Museum of Modern Art
Saturday, 2pm: Guided tour of Heide 1
Saturday, 4pm: A walk across the park back to the railway station
Saturday, 6pm: Dinner at Soulmama Global Vegetarian Cafe at The St Kilda Baths.

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