Sunday, December 28, 2008

The fruit of my labours

Way back in October 2007 I made Princess B a pear doorstop. I took it up to Sydney only partly stuffed, planning to buy some nice heavy stones at the hardware store across the road from her place to fill it. But we got sidetracked and it didn't happen and Princess B said she'd sort it out herself.

And every time I've visited since then I've seen the poor unfinished doorstop lurking behind the door in her study. Finally, on this trip just past, I kidnapped the wee beastie and smuggled it home to finish off. Which I finally did this morning:There's just one little problem. I turned my back for a moment during the photo shoot and turned back to find this...Now please excuse me, I must return to the rest of my long list of Projects I'd like to have finished before the end of the year...