Monday, December 15, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: Ironing out the next round of issues

(Part six of a series about the renovation of my Triang V bungalow. Read Part onePart twoPart threePart four, Part five, and Part seven.)

When I said last week I was ironing the Triang, I wasn't kidding...Someone (
I assume Vivien) had tried a little redecorating with crayons so I used a hot iron and some kitchen towel to get it off, followed by a little work with my trusty eraser.On the other internal wall were the stairs which looked much better after a brush, a going-over with the lint roller and the addition of a little glue to hold the top of the carpet to the stairs.At the bottom of the stairs is Wilma, who was given to me last week and who I think would be right at home living in this house. See, once again the Universe is conspiring against my "no dolls" rule!

And I think I've made a decision on the wiring situation. I'm going to keep the lights and the wiring but plan to carefully remove the wires from under the carpet and paper flooring, glue the flooring back down and then reroute the wiring across the ceiling below using U shaped basswood pieces to contain it neatly.(Whether I'm game enough to try and plug it in is another matter!)

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