Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I wasn't planning to blog here today


a) it would be one of those "and then I did some washing and then I ironed the Triang* and then baked some biscuits and then I cleaned the bathroom and then I listed some stock and then I contacted a couple of recruitment agencies and then I picked up Tania and we went to CIT to talk to them about study options for next year and then we visited my dolls houses and saw The Dawn Waterhouse exhibition at CMAG and then we had a cup of tea in the Members' Lounge and then I bought something at Jamison Salvos and then I got some free food" type posts.

b) I just posted over at I op therefore I am - ACT.

But then I thought I should ask you:

Now that I write for two blogs do you still want to see my frugalled treasures here? Or are you all checking I Op ACT as well (or just don't care about second hand purchases)?

(*Just checking you're awake.All will be revealed on Monday...)


Elizabeth said...

Frugalled treasures here too please - I love seeing what other people find at the charity / op / thrift shops.

juniothomas@mac.com said...

I also would love to see your frugalnews here.