Friday, December 19, 2008

J's brilliant idea (aka: Why didn't I think of that?!)

On Tuesday while J and I were out in hunt of books for her Nephew and Niece she pulled a spreadsheet printout from her bag. "Let me see..." she mused. "What bookshops do I get discounts at?" She had collated all her membership discount details in one place for easy reference. How brilliant is that?

If you're anything like me you have discount opportunities coming out your ears but always forget them when it's most useful. By making a list of what membership cards give her what discounts and where, J is always on top of the fact that she, for instance, gets 10% off at Paperchain, Daltons, NLA Bookshop and Booklore.

Guess what's just hit my To Do List for the New Year break?

(I haven't actually asked J if I can share this with you but I'm sure she'll say it's fine.)

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Amy Kerr-Menz said...

Thank you for the lovely mention in your Portrait Gallery post. I'm glad you liked what you saw :)
Cheers, Amy x.