Friday, December 26, 2008

My friendly fruit salad

I made a fruit salad yesterday with the plethora of fruit which seems to have erupted in my kitchen.

As I ate it I realised it's my friendly fruit salad:

* Pineapple from a tin given to me by Tania in her pantry clearout of forbidden food.

* Apple and banana courtesy of J&M's pre Christmas holiday fruit bowl cleanout.

* Apricots from the tree in the front yard of a colleague's house. When I dropped her home on Christmas Eve and exclaimed "an apricot tree!" she offered me as much fruit as I wanted. I'm not sure she really expected me to say I could clear the lot for her later in the break with my jam-making mates (plus the other tree she admitted was in the back yard) but she seemed pretty cool about the whole thing and pleased they'll be used.

* Nectarines and oranges from Cycling S's fruitbowl. She tried to convince me there wasn't room in there for the apricots I offered plus her existing fruit when I visited Christmas Eve...

The only thing I purchased was cherries from Choku Bai Jo.

That's about all the excitement round here at the moment. My life is full of pottering and reading. Just as it should be at this time of the year...

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