Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On the cutting edge

One of the frugal things I try to do once a year (although I forgot last year and it shows) is take my kitchen knives and scissors in to be sharpened. Yes, I use a steel on my cook's knife but as the lovely sharpening man pointed out a couple of years ago, that just straightens the blade, not sharpens it.

Yesterday was an errand day for J and me. J is carless so while I'm footloose and fancy free (and she's on long service leave) she "hires" The Shopping Sherpa Shuttle Service once a week or so to run us round and get stuff done. I add my errands to the list and since I knew I had to pick up my ballet ticket for today from Deakin and we wanted to go to DJs in Woden, adding a trip to Modern Sharpening Service in Fyshwick (which has actually changed its name but is still in the same place and happy to sharpen my knives) was a good idea.

The cost for sharpening two knives and a pair of scissors (with an apology that, since he was by himself we'd have to come back in an hour rather than having them done straight away)?: $10 for the lot.

Is it sad to say I'm excited by the idea of making tomato and salad sandwiches this morning (to eat on the steps of The Sydney Opera House!), only because I get to appreciate the ease in which I can cut my tomatoes?(TSS public service announcement: Dull knives are dangerous knives!)

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Janet McKinney said...

thank you for the heads up on where to get some tings sharpened - I need that!