Monday, December 22, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: pretty much finished.

(The seventh and final part of a series about the renovation of my Triang V bungalow. Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part tour, Part five and Part six).

So here it is, front:and back:I didn't need to create any replacement window panes as I discovered I had them all tucked safely away. And I decided to remove the lights completely. I've popped them up in the attic in case I (or the next owner) decide to put them back in place.

There are some odd things about the house. First up, the bathroom is HUGE. And carpeted:Secondly, having furniture printed onto the walls is cute but makes placement of actual furniture quite challenging (see basin above which doesn't quite cover the picture of the basin on the wall...)

The top landing is also quite large but the waste paper basket printed on the wall gave me the clue needed to turn it into a study area:Thirdly, the Triang furniture seems a bit small for the house:I'm missing a few vital bits from the house at the moment. My Triang fridge is currently in the kitchen of my Lisa House so I'm using a Dol-Toi one in the meantime. And all my Triang lounge furniture is in my Caroline's Home house. So the lounge is looking very emptyand will stay that way until my exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery closes on Australia Day weekend.

I have a MIP lamp which I'm trying to decide if I'll unpack and put in the house. It seems a pity to unwrap it if there's no electricity to connect it to...


Modern MC said...

I love the work that you have done on this old dollhouse. It looks pretty good. Some of the photos of the room remind me of some of the older homes my family has toured while house hunting. I can actually smell the "old room" smell. It's very cool.

Rebecca said...

It looks wonderful! Lovely to see the gleaming windows and doors, and clean expansive interiors - I'm sure Wilma will enjoy taking her time thinking about what she wants and choosing her furniture.