Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day in my life

Following Little Jenny Wren's example rather belatedly...

5:45 am: I can't sleep as someone's doing burnouts in the Dickson shops car park. It's almost time to get up anyway...

I get out of bed, turn on the computer, go to the loo, put the kettle on to make my morning cuppa, let the cat in and feed him. While I'm getting the cat food out of the fridge I also get the bread dough I put in there before I went to bed and put it on the bench to warm up.

6:00 am: Back upstairs with my tea. I have 28 new messages and 63 updated feeds in Bloglines. I read the emails and selected blog updates (the friends, the locals and the miniaturists. I drool over this Rietveld house on Call of the small's blog). I answer the eBay questions I'm able to answer immediately, make a note of the rest for when I go to the garage and also print out some sales I need to pack and post.

6:30 am: Listing new eBay stock while reading more local and op shopping blog updates plus Soule Mama (my morning treat)

7:00 am: Time for a break and to put some music on. Blues for Robin is on top of the pile. I'm pleased as it's a perfect first thing CD. I continue my eBay listing listing.

7:30 am: I put the bread on to bake and the chickpeas I soaked over night on to cook. I make breakfast (porridge with craisins, wheatgerm and brown sugar) and eat it while starting to read the Itten book on colour theory that's on our reading list for class. Once breakfast's finished I do the dishes and head back upstairs.

8:00 am: Vintage Indie sent me a list of questions last week for an article they want to write on my dolls house collection. I finally make time to sit down and answer them. By the time that's done it's time to get the bread out of the oven and put it aside to cool.

8:30 am: I list some items from my old Made It shop into my new Made It shop.

9:00 am: Time for a shower, hair wash, leg shave and nail clip. I get dressed into my usual uniform of black T, jeans and Converse one stars.

9:30 am: I empty the rubbish bins into the wheelie bin outside and the compost bucket into the compost bin behind the garage. While rinsing out the compost bucket I notice the cat's water bowl needs topping up and that the grapes look ready. I make a mental note to email The Old Flame and let him know as he wants them.

Then it's into the garage to pick the stock needed for the orders and postage quotes I have. I move some stock around and bring some of the last of the stock in the house out onto the new (from Salvos) shelves that arrived on Thursday. I add the fact that I haven't asked Taph if she still wants my mower fuel tin to my mental note list along with the fact I need to ask someone to come round with their power drill and screw the new bookcase onto the wall so it won't fall over on top of me.

10 am: Back inside. I check the chickpeas (which are done), answer the eBay questions and send out postage quotes after emailing Taph about the tin and the grapes.

10:30 am: Morning tea (leftover strawberries which Cycling S brought for dessert on Thursday and yoghurt) which I eat while drawing up my To Do list pages for the next fortnight. I remember I need to do some washing so put a load of black on. Then I do my Visa accounts.

11:00 am: My office is in dire need of a tidy up so I deal with the teetering piles of papers. I'd vacuum (there's still thread all over the floor from the art bags) but the cat's upstairs asleep so I'll have to leave that for later.

11:30 am: The washing's finished so I peg it out before heading across to Dickson shops where I return a library book, buy two lemons and pay my bill at the newsagents. Home again, I throw a load of jeans in the machine and then make hummus, smiling happily at my $32.50 "new" chefette the whole time...

12 noon: Lunch (fresh bread, freshly made hummus and cherry tomatoes from J & M's garden). I read today's Panorama (the arts section of The Canberra Times) while I eat.

12:30 pm: I peg the second load of washing out. Just as I finish the doorbell goes: it's Taph and The Old Flame dropping in for a visit. They're bearing gifts: an empty water bottle all the way from New Zealand, two cartons of packing peanuts, four empty cartons which they spotted at the recycling depot and thought I'd need and a tape of Torchwood Series 2. I make coffee. We sit and chat before heading into the back yard to harvest my grapes for The Old Flame.

2:20 pm: Taph and The Old Flame head off. I go upstairs to visit the cat on the bed for a while and find myself drifting off...

2:40 pm: Awake again. I file some CDs and tidy the lounge. The cat decides it's time to go out.

3:00 pm: I vacuum upstairs and dust the bedroom. Pull out clean sheets and pillowcases. Strip the bed and let it air.

3:30 pm: Catching up on some videos at Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog and playing with my poor neglected journal. I down a couple of chocolate chip biscuits.

4:00 pm: I'm meeting Cycling S at The National Gallery at 4:30 pm for the final late night opening of the season (or, to be more precise, the final wine tasting!). The weather's looking very overcast so before I go I bring the washing in and hang it on the drying rack in the lounge. Just as well: the heavens open just as I hit Civic and I end up swimming from the NGA carpark into the gallery.

Cycling S, C and I catch up, sample wine, eat cheese and crackers and I draw ideas for a possum costume on the paper tablecloth for C. Cycling S mentions she has free tickets for some French film tomorrow morning and asks if I'd like them. A free film? Yes please!

I arrange to meet C this evening at ANUFG and we all head off.

6:30 pm: Home again. I make the bed, cook dinner (fresh spinach and ricotta ravioli with browned butter, peas and parmesan) and call a friend to see if she wants to join me at the movies in the morning.

7:00 pm: Writing this blog post quickly before I leap in the car and off to ANU to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Caramel. Then it'll be bed time.

Soundtrack to the day:
Blues for Robin: Tom Ludvigson & Greg Johnson
Wendy Maharry: Wendy Maharry
Mezzanine: Massive Attack
Melbourne The sex, The city, The music
Republic: New Order
New Sound Theory Volume 1
I'll never forget whatshisname: Nice 'n' Urlich
Nordic lounge Volume 3
Pandora's Box: OMD


sarah.boirin said...

Well done !! my day consists of a) get up b) run around after my 3 children c) go to bed !! (trying to fit in dollshouses somewhere)

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