Thursday, April 29, 2010


It may be a short week but it's a mad week. A full moon. A sudden onset of Winter (hello, did I miss autumn?!). Blood nose season. Many workplaces. A mix up and a frustrating learning block (neither my fault, I'm relieved to note).

Coming up in the next few days: A party. A movie. A TV appearance. A miniatures show. A job interview.

And, maybe, some
dance theatre, depending on if I hit the House Seat jackpot or not. I hope not not as I'm not sure what I'll do as We Unfold is almost booked out. And I don't fancy watching it hanging by my teeth from the catwalk...

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MTB Girl said...

Good luck with the job interview. You'll escape winter for a few days this weekend - you'll feel it when you get back :)