Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December dinner: step by step

Step One: Pull a set of vintage German (Vero?) chairs out of the pile of treasures.
Step two: Flick through a pad of scrapbooking paper left out from a previous scene and find a paper that works with the chair.
Step three: Have a shower and ponder what the scene will be. Think about a patisserie. Realise that four chairs and almost no cakes does not make a good patisserie. Decide to keep it simple and go with a dining room (it's been a while since you did a dining room, after all...) 

Step four: Drive to work (after getting dressed, in case you're concerned!) and challenge yourself to doing more than a room corner. Pondering the 1950s chair and the 1950s-style wallpaper, think about an updated take on traditional 1950s style. Then wonder if you could use the shed wall and french doors to create a double room, since the shed seems to be getting no further toward being finished.

Step five: Return home for work, plunder stash for accessories and set up said double-room scene:
Step six: Spend far too much time photographing the scene, before realising blobs of Blu-tack are showing and wine glasses are wonky.

Step seven: Correct wonkyness and re-photograph scene.
Step eight: Collapse,  'forgetting' to put away the pieces.


Mad For Mod said...

I am in LOVE with those chairs!!!!

otterine said...

Yes, awesome chairs...and awesome scene! :D

Neen said...

1960s elegance, effortlessly. Fabulous!