Tuesday, May 07, 2024

A productive lunch break

During today's (half-hour) lunchbreak, I not only made and ate lunch (wholegrain noodles with Thai-green-curry tuna and stir fry veges, if you're interested) but also found an extra sheet of the scrapbooking paper I'm using on the walls of the dark academia study, which gives me the option to extend the build further along one wall or add a third wall if I feel the need (although if I add another wall I fear I will be setting myself up to have to create a wall of filled bookcases).

I also sorted through the images I chose yesterday, and through my drawer of empty frames to match up some likely candidates:
Selection of one-twelfth scale miniature frames with pictures placed inside them
Which means next on my list is testing if my stash drawer reorganisation worked well enough for me to quickly place my fingers on my stash of overhead projector sheets to use as glass, and venturing down to the garage to spray paint that silver frame for the butterflies.

Then deciding if my windows (yes, they're staying) need curtains (or if they need to be cut into the wall so I can use them to pull as much light into the scene as possible).

And who lives here? I'm thinking semi-retired academic with wide-ranging interests across the natural world, the arts and history. And a taste for whiskey, once I've found my decanter...

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