Thursday, October 01, 2015

It's as easy as one, two, three

The electricity was off all this morning (no, I didn't run out of money to pay the bill: they're doing some work on updating something in the area), so I had to plan a pile of things I could do without it.

One: I started gluing the retro caravan kit together (which is quite tricky as it's too big to fit in my jig so keeping the pieces at 90 degrees to each other is a challenge: especially when the amount of wood touching is rather small).
Dolls' house retro caravan kit side being glued to the base.
Two: I stained the window surrounds for the kit, which I've decided to paint black (well that's no surprise), with dark wooden detailing. Kind of like this caravan in Wentworth Falls meets this caravan cafe on the Kapiti Coast).
Selection of unfinished dolls' house retro caravan kit pieces laid out on a bench with a tube of wood gel and a cloth.
Selection of stained dolls' house retro caravan kit window surrounds laid out on a bench with a tube of wood gel and a cloth.
Three: I painted the undercoat on the ceiling of the HBS Creatin' Contest cottage. No picture: it's not that exciting to look at. I would have measured and cut the door openings but no electricity (and too lazy to do it by hand when I can do it by power!)


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