Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sydney Show Stash: The 2014 edition

I was quite disappointed when I realised there wasn't a clear theme to this year's purchases, so I couldn't create another version of the pop-up shop like I did last year.

Here's my haul:
Selection of dolls' house miniatures and related items including a printer's tray and a stack of tiny Times magazines,
The printer's tray was $40, which I thought was a steal. What I didn't think was where I'm going to hang it but I'm sure I'll work that out eventually.
Six miniature wooden furniture kits arranged on top of a printer's tray.
I picked up some more kitsets from JWT Dollshouses, very reasonably priced
Bag of colourful plastic  pop-bead letters.
and a bag of letter beads, in brighter colours than the ones I already have, for $2.
Three bags of miniature dolls' house accessories including a crocheted shopping bag, a cutlery tray and a tray cloth with crocheted edge.
Table-mate Jennifer was having a clean out of her collection so I grabbed these three bags of bits for $3 each.
Bundle of back issues of the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association magazine, The tiny Times.

Mountain Miniatures had a bundle of back issues of The tiny Times, going back to issue 2, for $2: so I snapped it up to complete my collection.
Instruction manual for the Inspiration creative cutter machine.
For quite a lot more than $2, but still a very good price. I bought Adelaide's paper-cutting machine. She gave me the instruction booklet to bring home but we decided I won't collect the machine until the weekend of my birthday, when she'll be attending my weekend mini-gathering at Div's place and will be able to give me some lessons on how to use it.
Selection of five abstract-patterned modern miniature floor rugs.
These modern rugs were 50 cents each from Mountain Miniatures. And, from the same stall I picked up these bar pieces for $3 the set
Modern miniature pub counter and sink unit.
and this set of industrial kitchen fittings, also $3.
Modern dolls' house miniature steel kitchen units and shelves.
Finally, and also at Mountain Miniatures, this collection of vintage 1/16 scale furniture appeared on Sunday morning. It's a mix of Europa and Jean, with many pieces over-painted. After a little bargaining it became mine for $50. I've promised Rebecca decent pictures, as she's researching the history of Europa so will be doing a separate blog post on them.
Tub of colourful retro 1970s-style dolls house furniture.

And, apart from the school, that's it.


Rebecca said...

A great stash! Amazing how many things I didn't see when I was there - of course, you might already have bought them ;-) - but it's great seeing other bloggers photos of displays and their buys, and getting a much better picture of the fair!

Mad For Mod said...

Great finds and great prices too!

Kikka N said...

Wow...why don't I live in Autralia? ;)
So great find and the price is very low in my mind...
I have seen peolpe use the printer's tray when they are selling their mini goodies in a Fair. There is a place for every tiny item :)

AMCSviatko said...

Rebecca: If that's a hint, I'll be blogging my photos of the displays soon: I just have a couple of other priorities in the queue this weekend.

In the meantime, Lidi Stroud has blogged a great round-up:

Architecture of Tiny Distinction said...

Wow! what a haul!

Rebecca said...

No, it wasn't a hint at all! Of course, I will love to see your photos when you blog them, but I was thinking of Lidi's (which I had seen), Indy_Poppy's and Emily's. They all took photos of things I didn't really notice, as well as things I saw but didn't photograph!

Indy_Poppy said...

The show was fabulous wasn't it! I wish now that I had gone on Sunday too. I did try to stop by your stall a couple of times. But it was always at least a couple of feet deep with people (A very good sign for you).
You got some wonderful items. I really like your bar items. The school was great wasn't it. I went to a one teacher school and it reminded me a lot of it. Can't wait to see what you do with it. IndyPoppy

Indy_Poppy said...

Also have a great birthday weekend in the highlands (That's where I live!). Don't forget to bring your winter woolies as its slowly getting colder and colder!