Saturday, August 12, 2017

This is why sometimes, things just don't happen

Yesterday, on the bus coming home from work, I contemplated if I had the energy to restart my Finish it off Friday challenge this week. And decided that I could start it properly next week and just have fun this week.

But when I got home, I did pull out the wooden bookmarks I bought in January in preparation.
Three laser-cut wooden bookmark-sized black panels with Australian flora designs.
This afternoon I saw them on the work table and idly wondered if perhaps they might work around the edge of the Lori Loft mezzanine level*.
A laser-cut wooden bookmark-sized black panel leaning on the top of a one-twelfth scale doll's house mezzanine wall.
 Having decided that the answer was no, I went in hunt of the miniature hinges I knew I bought at this year's Canberra show to put with the panels ready to go on Friday (if not before).

And then I spotted these windows, which you might remember from my Airbnb apartment back in December, and thought they just might work...
Two one-twelfth scale wooden laser-cut church windows leaning on the top of a modern doll's house mezzanine wall.
 ...except that when I was testing them, I realised they'd probably look better as actual windows (and, at the same time, solve another problem I had with the loft).
Two one-twelfth scale wooden laser-cut church windows attached to the front of a window opening in a modern loft.
Now what was it I was doing again?

On a completely unrelated note, I popped into the Typo factory outlet this morning and picked up a macro lens for a mobile phone from their scratch and dent table. For $1, I thought it was worth the risk that it wouldn't work. But look!
Macro photograph of a one-twelfth scale glass of wine held by several fingers.
(*Seems someone didn't go home last night...)


elizabeth s said...

You know... I kinda liked the look of the wall of traditional windows inside the modern loft, however I know that there are always many ways you can go when you are mixing eras, and I like the choices you are making thus far.
And Congratulations on snagging the Macro lens for your phone- WOWEE what a great Close Up!

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Those arch windows are fantastic in the space! I like them both as the edge divider or as actual windows. Although for creating scenes I would think they might be troublesome as an edge divider since they're so large. And that macro lens? Amazing! For a $1??!!! Insane!

Kathy S. said...

That's an amazing macro lens! What a picture! And I love the windows!

Anonymous said...

wow.. great macro lens.. and shopping sherpa is doing great as well...