Thursday, July 26, 2018

Containing my excitement

The IKEA As-is corner. It's one of my favourite places in the city (along with the Typo scratch-and-dent table and the Kaisercraft discount racks: I'm easily (and cheaply) pleased...).

Also: it's just the right distance from home to please the NRMA: who tell me that Miss Daisy needs to go on dates with me regularly to keep her battery from dying.

On a recent visit I spotted these:
Two white metal storage boxes in the shape of a miniature shipping container, stacked on top of one another. The bottom one has a light shining in it. In the background is a sign saying '75% off'.
miniature shipping containers! One with a light included!

I instantly forgot all of my unfinished projects, my lack of time, or the fact I'm packing to move: and bought them both.

I'd really like to get some door and window holes cut before I start playing. It's on the (very) long list.

But since this range was limited edition, I'm happy to have bought them now and have to wait to work on them...


Jodi Hippler said...

I don't care how much you already have, these were just too good to pass up! Hope you get settled in quickly so that you find the time and inspiration to get to all the amazing ideas you have in the queue.

kittyandkatminiatures said...

I needed to go to IKEA.....and this expedited my visit. I had forgotten about the containers. I hope they still have says they should.