Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Daiso (and other) delights

AWOL again, but this time there were minis involved.

I headed back to New Zealand for my regular visit, and trip to Daiso: but this time I didn't have to buy minis there (although I did) because Daiso Wellington had posted some photos of their new minis on social media a couple of months ago and I'd panicked that they'd all be gone by the time I got there and sent a local (and lovely) friend on a quest to buy what I was after.

Collage of Facebook photos of Dasio one-twelfth scale modern miniatures
And here's my haul:
The bed intrigued me, and I imagine it spray painted in lovely colours, with proper bedding:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature hospital bed in white plastic
And I was excited to see that they had the Eames chairs in a new-to-me colour:
Speaking of chairs, the folding chair kits look suspiciously familiar (but much less expensive).
Pack of 2 one-twelfth scale modern miniature folding chair kits
And that was about it for minis on this trip, although I did buy some extras for swaps, and also tried to visit a local miniature shop on the way to the airport, but they were on holiday themselves.

I did have a couple of full-sized projects to work on, including a writing desk I got for free on Facebook marketplace which I managed to clean and sand, but not paint (black!) on this trip,
but did, to my delight, managed to restore the hinges of.
2 shiny metal vintage hinges on a painted desk top
Plus, much to my surprise, the first op shop we stopped at on the way to the airport had just the swan lamp I wanted to put on top of the desk on the first shelf I looked at:
Ceramic lamp in the shape of a swan on an op-shop shelf
(Less delightful was the sudden need to find packing materials to make sure it got home with me in one piece, from whence it will return to New Zealand with me on my next visit: yes, I could have posted it up to Dad's but I don't trust the post office to get it there in one piece).

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