Sunday, November 26, 2006

Second Hand Sunday (better late than never, right?)

I'm pretty stoked with my finds this week:In particular the "toy" knitting machine for $10 (which looks basically complete and according to the box knits pieces up to 39 cm wide. Can't wait to give it a whirl!)I also picked up this piece of fabric (is it Barkcloth? I haven't actually worked out how to identify barkcloth yet) for 50 cents and the wool for $5 total which I plan to use to try knitting cupcakes like these. Also in the haul for $3 is a copy of The Canberra Game which may end up as a craft project as I doubt there'll be much interest in actually playing it unless I provide large amounts of alcohol first):And another china bird (I definitely have a collection now) and seashell (only the second so I'm safe there) for $1.50 each:I also got a copy of Rain on video for $3 and some spare video cases for 50 cents each.

Let's not mention the books, shall we?

(Listening to: Hotel Costes Vol 6)

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Sew-Thrifty! said...

WICKED COOL Birdie and Knitting Machine! I have a spare vintage knitting machine, if you ever want one......Sorry for lacka email lately, T broke arm and shoulder on MTN BIKE Vey! (No I am not Jewish, I just luv the sound of it..) He's home now and healing, but off work for rest of year, and one-armed at present..guess who is doing ALL the dishes???

Luv your Christmas Tree....could you possibly do an entry dedicated to it and it's decorations? Also tell the story - when did you get it, where, etc.
Big Hugs from Tired Wife & Mum...