Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Two swaps and one not...Not is this copy of Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced which Feli sent me along with a bookmark.Swaps (both from Singapore, how weird is that?!) is the April Swap-bot Black, White and one colour Swap I arranged. Loving the black and white checked box and the shark notebook. And the new friends for Trudy...And the very next day I received the May Black and White Swap package! How cool is the pencil case at the bottom right??

(Listening to: Air, 10,000 Hz Legend)


KARA said...

Ah they are so cute very you.
Oh I can't wait to get my May Black and White Swap.
Thanks for doing the swaps I love them.

Jejune said...

Looks like a wonderful collection of black and white goodies there!

I love the 'Boyzvoiced' mockumentary - very very silly, and all too convincing ;)

feli said...

Have you seen it? Sorry about the first 30 minutes. I set it on timer and Eurovision didnt finish until about 30 minutes later.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Feli

No, haven't watched your copy yet - still a bit behind after so much galavanting this month :-(