Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A travesty of justice - Eurovision 2007 semi finals

This, in our opinion, was the entry which should have won Eurovision 2007. Instead it didn't even make it through to the final :-(

Luckily, Nick burnt a DVD of it which we played during every commercial break of Sunday's final (another thing I'm not too keen on - it's just wrong for SBS to have commercials in the middle of programmes...)

Here's the other entry I think should have gone through, and not just because of the delicious jackets in the video clip (where the hell is Andorra, anyway?)

And I thought Austria's entry was pretty cool (once I worked out that wasn't a giant vagina but rather a large red AIDs ribbon...)


Lara said...

I was pretty happy that Ukraine did well - and it seemed to me that Serbia had a pretty same sex positive message. Did you catch the joined hands with the love heart at the end of the performance?

Taphophile said...

Ah, crap music and worse costumes and choreography is SUCH a subjective thing ;).

Must work on the plan for Eurovision knitting games for next year.