Friday, May 11, 2007

Plans, pictures and plots

I had such grand plans for this week - I'd even convinced myself that I'd make presents for the boys (I think I still will, but now I've decided I'll post them to them afterwards to say thank you, thus buying me some much needed time). But the week seems to have mysteriously disappeared and I'm going to be lucky if I manage to pack (especially as the skirt I want to take is still soaking wet - thank God for hairdryers!) and do the dishes...

And, as seems to happen when I decide to plan a day off, work has gone completely ballistic (I'm finding myself wondering if I could take my laptop to Melbourne with me and do some work on Monday even though it's really an annual leave day - but then I tell myself the world won't end if my clients have to wait one incy wincy teensy weensy extra day before they hear back from me...)

I went up to Parliament House today for work and took some pictures but they're all crap so you're not going to see them. Sorry!

Instead, here are some pictures my knitting obsessed and dolls house enthusiast readers:Knitted cushions I made a couple of years ago. The tape measure is in inches. I used Appletons Tapestry Wool and 1.25mm needles. The cream one came first then I (insanely) decided I'd try cables. You know, just to see if I could.And a picture for the sock knitters among us. No, I didn't make these. I bought them for 50 (NZ) cents a pair (yep - you read that correctly. 50 cents a pair - I snapped up three pairs before they could change their mind and started charging a realistic price) at the NZAME Hamilton Miniature Convention way back in...ummm... OK, a long time ago!

And speaking of knitting, I have a plan. Or is it a plot? Tomorrow I'm flying to Melbourne.

After Stitch 'n' Bitch discussions about this post where Needle's Edge manages to *gasp* knit on an airplane (and during which I suggested this year's Knit in Public Day in Australia should involve a nationwide deluge of people with knitting needles trying to get airside to knit - and make a peaceful protest at the utter idiocy of banning knitting needles on internal flights), I thought I could (potentially) sacrifice my $2 Hot Dollar 4mm bamboo circular needles and some crapolla acrylic yarn and see if I can manage to do the same....

(Listening to: In bloom: French Electronic Music (double CD, $3 from Vinnies. Score!)


Taphophile said...

I love the miniature knitting but it doesn't do much to bust the stash!

Good luck with your flying protest - Janet managed it from Canada to Canberra with several flight changes and never challenge. Hope some of her mojo is still at Canberra Airport when you board.

seepi said...

My stepmother has managed to get circular knitting needles onto planes, but not normal needles.

You could always knit with pens!!

Georgie said...

Can't wait to hear how you go on the plane - we're flying to Frankfurt this week and I've been dreading the extended period of enforced sitting without the sticks in hand.

yumptatious said...

You've knitted Shreddies!!! Are they for dieters?
I hope your quest for knitting freedom is succesful: could you have needles made out of a dense foam, firm enough to knit with but soft enough to be useless as a weapon?