Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Melbourne Day One: Flowers, bubbles and (of course!) some architecture

After the exciting flight down from Canberra, I took the bus from Melbourne airport into the now finished Southern Cross Station. Which I like. A lot.(Can I bang on about "the juxtaposition of new and old blah blah blah"?)Then Kerry and I walked up to Bourke Street Mall where I'd planned to buy some Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream at Myer. Until I saw the price and decided that there was no way in hell I was paying $44 for a bottle of hand cream, no matter how pretty the packaging. Especially since I could buy a pair of black and white check PJs from the new Sussan range for the about the same price.

So we headed across the mall to Sussan where I decided that I really didn't like the fabric used, thus saving another $35. I've been in town half an hour and saved $80 already. Excellent!

Alas my visit to Smiggle didn't have the same result and I staggered out laden down with goodies for me and goodies for my Black and White swap partners.

After all that shopping we needed a rest and what better place than here:(Kerry and her birthday bag looking suave while plotting how to get the bench home)Much rested, we headed back down into the centre of town in search of lunch. On the way I spotted these heading up a side alleywhich got us wondering where exactly they lead...

In Block Place I spotted more sunflowersAnd, after lunch (the best ravioli I've ever had and a couple of glasses of bubbles at Alpha Cafe & Deli), we took a tram up to Brunswick Street where we found still more flowers:and stopped for a drink at The Cherry Lounge(yay! red bubbles in piccolos!), were snubbed by a localand so wandered off into the dusk to get ready for that night's Eurovision semi final...

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